Dattoli Cancer Center

About Dattoli Cancer Center

Dattoli developed an interest in pure sciences as a kid in Poughkeepsie, New York. While studying marine biology at the University of California, Berkeley, he wanted to find a way to use his scientific knowledge to help others. He returned to Poughkeepsie, excelled at Vassar College, and earned his medical degree in 1984 from Mount Sinai School of Medicine (now the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai).

Dattoli developed a significant interest in non-surgical cancer therapy options throughout his medical studies. He concentrated his efforts on developing treatment options for prostate cancer using brachytherapy after learning about achievements with other forms of cancer. Dr. Richard Sorace lured Dattoli away from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center more than 30 years ago, pushing the young doctor to go to Tampa and co-found a brachytherapy clinic.

Dr. Dattoli and Sorace formed a great cooperation that provided non-surgical treatment alternatives for prostate cancer. They eventually relocated to Sarasota and founded the Dattoli Cancer Center. Dattoli has medical licenses in Florida, California, and New York, as well as American College of Radiology board certification in Radiation Oncology.

Michael Dattoli has been the lead investigator on a number of cancer and radiation treatment trials. He has a long list of publications in the domains of brachytherapy, cancer, radiation, and urology. He is the author of many prostate brachytherapy textbooks and pamphlets, as well as co-authoring or contributing to more than 50 scientific journal papers and peer-reviewed publications.

Dattoli has contributed to over 75 articles on cancer and served on editorial review boards for medical journals as a result of his globally recognized expertise. He also shares his findings with peers at state, national, and worldwide levels via lectures, conferences, and symposia.